It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach.

Hunger is a problem in North Carolina, especially for our children. More than one in five households with children suffers from food hardship. In Wake County, more than a third of students apply for free or reduced lunches. While meal programs help, developing minds need extra fuel during the critical stretch between lunch and the end of the day. Snacks@Schools provides snack support directly to classrooms, at no cost to schools, to bridge the gap between lunch and the end of the day for hungry children. This program is currently available at four schools in the Cary–Raleigh area: Wildwood Forest Elementary, Adams Elementary, Reedy Creek Elementary, and Reedy Creek Middle.

While this began as a grassroots effort led by passionate individuals, in order to expand in a sustainable way, we need your support. The average school in our program goes through approximately 300 snacks in a month. We are seeking donations of healthy, individually wrapped snack food items. Allergen-free options are particularly welcome.

We have heard from our classroom teachers that the following items are high need:

  • Granola bars
  • Applesauce squeeze packs
  • Cheese crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Several schools have asked specifically for tree nut and peanut free items

How can you help?

Your support will have a direct impact on the health, well-being, and education of local children.  If you want to get in touch or join us, please reach out here, we would love to have you!

One of our snack monster donation boxes

Our very first snack monster donation box

Yum Yum Nomster at Spring Rolls Parkside

Starvin’ Marvin — he’s a rover!

Joanie Applesauce at Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market

Joanie Applesauce — she’s a rover!

Bake sale with our cutest sales rep

Bake sale with our cutest sales rep

How are we doing?

  • We received a district grant for 2017-2018 from Rotary International, allowing us to start a program at Reedy Creek Middle School.
  • We continue to support Reedy Creek Elementary School, Wildwood Forest Elementary, and Adams Elementary.
  • We have raised over $2,000 that we are using to purchase bulk products to get the best prices
  • We are talking with PORCH and other groups about bulk tax free purchases
  • We are reaching out to large brands to talk about bulk donations
  • We are partnering with grocery stores across the area to get one time and ongoing donations (gift cards or in kind food donations)
  • Spring Rolls of Wade Park has kindly let us sponsor a trivia night and shared their profits
  • Our bake sale outside Spring Rolls was a great success
  • Halloween parade donations during the Wade Park parade